News of the Morning, 11.8.16

The Georgia Wonk’s Thought of the Day:

It’s called snake oil, y’all
It’s been around for a long, long time.

“Snake Oil,” Steve Earle

Election Something’s happening today–I was supposed to do something, right? I’ve got a note here, but it’s smudged…I’m supposed to…vole? That doesn’t make sense. Anyway, Nate Silver (who is a wizard) says Trump has an 80% chance of taking Georgia. (FiveThirtyEight) And in local news, Secretary of State Brian Kemp visited Macon to reassure voters that officials are prepared for any potential election day snags. (The Macon Telegraph) Kemp also told the AJC that he wasn’t concerned about districts returning zero results for a given candidate–“That’s simply a statistical anomaly.” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Justice The Georgia Supreme court has ruled that Elliot Sheard, who has spent two decades in prison, is entitled to a new trial. (The Marietta Daily Journal)

Courts We here at the Georgia Wonk love nothing–nothing!–more than in-depth write-ups of state political news. Today’s delicious morsel is a profile of the 13 possibilities for Governor Deal’s Supreme Court nominees. (Daily Report)


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