Special Dispatch, 11.10.16

After Donald Trump’s historic and unprecedented political victory on Tuesday, the Georgia Wonk has been holding a series of long internal conversations about our response. We decided to wait to publish anything, largely because we felt that it was not our place, as a young organization, to attempt to make some claim to a relevant statement on this matter. Now that some time has passed and we have all had an opportunity to adjust to our new reality, we have asked our Correspondent-At-Large, Rooster O’Connell, to say a few words on this unbelievable event.

I’ve no words.

Well, that’s not quite true. I have plenty of words. None of them quite fit to print, I’m afraid.

In the days ahead, and into the next half-century, brilliant people will build entire careers around analyzing what went wrong. It will take years to understand what impact Comey had, or where the black voters were, or whether or not Clinton should have spent more time in Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. The one thing we know worked on Tuesday was democracy–people voted. Voices were heard.

Not the majority of voices, of course. The people spoke, and they spoke for Clinton. The Electoral College is now, as ever, a frustration.

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty now, and I can happily say that I was fearful and uncertain far before this. I have a head start.

Donald Trump is racist, sexist, rude, and unstable. He has a child’s grasp of economic policy and no grasp at all on international affairs. He is an authoritarian proto-fascist with dangerous views on free speech, privacy, torture, nuclear war, and the environment. He has a Congress that’s eager to please, and he’ll soon have a Cabinet staffed with flunkies and stooges.

It goes without saying that there are dark times ahead, for our nation and our species. Our window to enact meaningful legislation on climate change was always narrow, but now it has slammed shut. Even if America sees a Democratic blowout of Congress in 2018 and a far-left POTUS in 2020, it’s too late. We were out of time when we signed Paris, and now there’s nothing left for us to do.

I’m writing with very little malice, and mostly out of fear of the Editors who are prodding me with sharpened sticks to finish this. I’m not angry, just…what’s the word? Disappointed, yes? But not even that. It still hardly seems real.

This is what it’s like to watch the world end.


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