Thanks to the ace team at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Georgia Wonk has become aware of two (2) new bills that might, as the AJC remarks, reflect our new reality under Teflon Don. The first bill, proposed by Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick), would “place a 2 percent fee on all personal…wire transfers of money sent out of state.” According to David North of the Center for Immigration Studies, “The State of Georgia could raise as much as $100 million in new revenues without costing the state’s voters a dime. It could do this by tapping into money sent abroad by aliens, many of them in illegal status — and money sent abroad by drug dealers, as well, whatever their status.”

Now, this sort of thing is a feast for us at the Georgia Wonk. If you look at that article, you’ll see a bunch of numbers. At least four or five. And numbers are what we do here.

The second bill, proposed by Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) would, as the AJC  reports, “would bar women from wearing a burqa and veil when posing for the photo on their Georgia drivers’ license. The bill would also subject female Muslim garb to the state’s anti-masking statute.”

This sort of thing, happily enough, is also a feast for us here at the Georgia Wonk. Expect some in-depth writing on these two bills in the coming days.

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