News of the Morning, 12.5.16

The Georgia Wonk’s Thought of the Day:

So when you wake up in the morning
Are you lonely
To find only the love that you had left
By my bedside on the table to my left hand
Little traces are the proof that you exist.

The Wild Reeds, “Everything Looks Better In Hindsight”

It’s a slow day for Georgia news today. The various conversations about the Perdues and Trump’s administration are curious, of course, and Tom Price is getting some attention, which is only right. In all honesty, I feel like football is a bigger story in Georgia right now–the Dirty Birds lost in the fourth quarter, fingers are still crossed for a ‘Bama/Clemson matchup in the finals, and people are still reeling over Tech’s one-point win over Georgia. Exciting stuff, but not exactly politically earth-shaking.

There’s a meeting of the Macon-Bibb County Commission tomorrow. The Georgia Wonk plans on sending a reporter out there. More news as it happens, etc.

And, of course, don’t forget that the Georgia legislature is meeting in about a month! That’ll be thrilling, I expect. Campus carry, religious freedom, school funding, maybe casinos, sanctuary schools, it’ll all be on the table. The Georgia Wonk will bring you the info as it happens.



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