News of the Morning, 2.9.17

The Georgia Wonk’s Thought of the Day:

I want to fold you down into bed,
I want to cast your face in lead.
But every time I pull you close
Push my face into your hair
Cream rinse and tobacco smoke,
That sickly scent is always there.

“Jolene,” Cake (1994)

Medical Marijuana: Under proposed House Bill 65, Georgians who have “autism, intractable pain…AIDS or HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, [or] Tourette’s syndrome” would be able to possess low-THC cannabis oil. Allen Peake (R-Macon), who wrote the bill, has long been an advocate for medical marijuana possession in Georgia. (via the Macon Telegraph)

Casinos: Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi, is now lobbying on behalf of casinos in Georgia. (via Political Insider)

Spaceflight: This is too good to make up, so I’ll quote the great Jim Galloway from his post on Political Insider:

Like their forebears, Camden County officials on the Georgia coast want to launch ships into the void. Spaceships. Two bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, are racing through the General Assembly to help make it happen.

The legislation does not fund the construction of a giant Space Ark. Nor does it require the first inhabitable world that’s discovered be named Zell. It does not even mandate that alien life forms respect our borders and enter only when President Donald Trump gives the word.

No, these two bills — the contents of House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 46 are identical and will ultimately converge into one vehicle — have been written with a single audience in mind: Lawyers.

Seriously. These pioneering, astronautical measures, Georgia’s first policy steps toward infinity and beyond, imagine the worst that can happen to a “space flight participant” — explosions on the launchpad, burning up on re-entry, dismemberment, emotional distress — and sets the rules for who can sue whom.

It’s an odd thing, to shoot for the stars by contemplating disaster.

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