News of the Morning, 3.8.17

The Georgia Wonk’s Thought of the Day:

You can look around this wide world over
And you’ll never find another honest man.

“Loser,” The Travelin’ McCourys

Short news update for today! In case you missed it, I had a few beers and shrieked about health care last night. Read the results here!

Civil Rights 

Senate Bill 119 (which, among other things, would prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity) might not have made it past crossover day at the Gold Dome, but that won’t stop a crowd in Macon for gathering in solidarity. Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert broke a tie on Tuesday night offering support for the march.


The Atlanta School Board voted on Monday to close two schools–Whitefoord Elementary School and Adamsville Primary School. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “[t]he closed schools were significantly underenrolled. Whitefoord is currently at 48 percent capacity, and Adamsville was at 58 percent. Whitefoord has only 272 students, making it one of the smallest schools in APS. The schools are indicative of a district that at one point had capacity for 100,000 students but now has a student population of 51,000.” The community is “pushing back,” focusing on neighborhood revitalization and the Fall school board elections.


Campus carry is back! Well, sort of. A new version of the bill passed the House 108-63, and now it’s in the Senate. Greg Bluestein reports that Deal “is meeting with supporters on the legislation…though he did not elaborate on what he said were his ongoing ‘concerns’ with the measure.”


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