Service Saturday: “Dauntless Quest”

Why seek to scale Mount Everest,
Queen of the air?
Why strive to crown that cruel crest
And deathward dare?
Said Mallory of dauntless quest:
“Because it’s there.”

Why yearn with passion and with pain
To storm the sky?
Why suffer, –sullen goals to gain,
And fear defy?
“‘Tis not for glory or for gain
We darkly die.”

Why join the reckless, roving crew
Of trail and tent?
Why grimly take the roads of rue,
To doom hell-bent?
“Columbus, Cook and Cabot knew,
And yet they went.”

Why bid the woolly world goodbye
To follow far,
Adventures under evil sky
And sullen star?
Let men like Mallory reply:
“Because they are.”

–Robert Service, “Dauntless Quest”

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