Outlook for the Week, 5.8.17

The posting schedule looks a little light this week. After two weeks in a row of six posts a week (well, four if you ignore the Wu-Tang and Robert Service features, which I am absolutely not going to stop), the cupboards are looking a little bare.

This doesn’t bother me too much–my audience seems to consist entirely of my mother and a single, highly intelligent (albeit unnecessarily sarcastic) Brazilian man (I wish that was a joke)–so there aren’t a whole lot of readers to disappoint in case I miss a day.

That said, I’m not intending on slacking off. I’ve got a handful of pieces I’m kicking around, specifically how to tie a political candidate’s platform to my conceptions of fairness and justice (spoiler: it’s gerrymandering. It’s always gerrymandering). I’ve got a project I’m working on separate from this that makes progress in fits and starts. And I’ve started sewing again.

So we’ve got another week coming. You ready?

Screenshot (53)

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