News of the Morning, 6.16.17

When Life Gives You Linux, Made Linuxade

I’m writing this on my new Linux Box, a computational device I acquired through deftness of the tongue and swift, hidden arts. I am as yet unfamiliar with how it might work—so far, the standard suite of productivity software has proven agreeable enough—but it seemed like the thing to do when presented with a computer that has been wiped down to the hard drive. When life gives you a DBAN’d laptop, you figure out how to install Mint, I suppose.

Learning Linux is going to be a fun distraction in the future, I think, although I’m still not entirely sure what “learning” Linux means. It’s an OS. It does things. I’m not certain how much there is for me to do. That said, familiarizing myself a little more with the more “under the hood” bits of our digital life is definitely a Good Thing, although I’m still not sure where to start. I haven’t been able to find a book called So You Accidentally Enrolled In Master’s Level Information Technology Courses And You Have No Idea What’s Going On, so I’m guessing my situation isn’t actually all that common.


This business in Alexandria is certainly Bad Medicine. I’m not going to try to offer some cynically scandalous take about how “this political environment” led to ghastly violence, not the least of which because it probably didn’t—we don’t have all (or even many) of the details yet, but if this Hodgkinson fellow wasn’t dealing with profound mental or emotional problems, I’ll be shocked. Sick people can always find a reason to lash out and try to infect others with their sickness. That’s the upside of depression, I guess; it’s content to rot one person at a time. It’s polite, that way.

Guns are probably more of an issue now, though, and need to be back into the conversation. After Sandy Hook, I thought there was going to be some movement on the Hill on this issue; that was before I realized the complete cowardice of all of our elected officials. The point is, when Little White Kids die, the Folks In Charge usually take steps to keep it from happening again, so when nothing changed, I assumed that there was nothing that could force any developments. I never considered that Actual Congressmen would be the logical next step, so let me amend my previous statement: if this doesn’t result in some more strict gun legislation, nothing will. If actually getting shot doesn’t convince Steve Scalise that there are some people who don’t need to be able to get AKs, I doubt an impassioned letter from a constituent will.

You do kind of have to admire the level of consistency that requires, though.

Projects In Motion

In the chamber: I’m researching work requirements for Georgia’s SNAP, the food assistance program. The data is fascinating, and the topline takeaway for me right now is that for every $0.62 spent on the program, $1.13 is created as GDP. So it seems to me we should be putting money into the program until it quits giving good returns, but that’s just me.

Currently Reading

Christianity and the Social Crisis by Walter Rausenbusch. The Social Gospel has apparently falling out of favor as an official school of thought, which disappoints me. I’m not far enough into the book to really make a reasoned assessment regarding its quality, but for now, I’m digging it. WR’s assertion that religion is a community affair parallels nicely my conception of politics as inherently built on relationships. I hope to have some good quotes by the time I’m done with it.

This Weekend

Drink something new. Listen to a band you’ve never heard. Eat a greasy hamburger. Go for a walk.

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