News of the Morning 6.18.17

There is no news this morning.

That is all.


We do love our little jests here at the Georgia Wonk [1]. There is always news!

State Violence

When totalitarian reactionary David French [2] and militant feminist Linda Tirado [3] agree on a fundamental point (that the extrajudicial summary execution of an innocent American citizen is a Bad Thing and a Problem), you know things have gotten serious.

Really though, it’s fascinating to see such a convergence here, as it always is when people from such different sides of the political spectrum agree, but it’s more fascinating to see why they agree. Both French and Tirado assert that the murder of Philando Castile, and the subsequent acquittal of his murderer, was a tragedy and an insult to the principles of justice. For Tirado, this is evidence of the inherent, systemic racism of the policing system. She writes:

And the jury was working in a system that not only has an assumption of innocence for the accused, but which has rules that say if an officer was in reasonable fear of his life it wasn’t a murder. “Reasonable fear” is, of course, a [REDACTED] thing you can’t quantify, and they never do seem to get into just WHY the officer was afraid. They talk about it, but nobody says it. We never do seem to talk about the fact that in America, we are raised to fear people with black skin.

She goes on to remind readers that police departments all over the country have become increasingly militarized, and sums up the situation by saying “So far this year, police in America have killed 447 people. So far this year, there have been 188 days.”

David French, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the fact that the execution of Castile is a threat to gun ownership:

Yes, the evidence indicates that [the officer] was afraid for his life. He thought he might have been dealing with a robber (a fact he apparently didn’t tell Castile), and he testified that he smelled marijuana. But Castile was following [the officer’s] commands, and It’s simply false that the mere presence of a gun makes the encounter more dangerous for the police. It all depends on who possesses the gun. If he’s a concealed-carry permit-holder, then he’s in one of the most law-abiding demographics in America. 

In recent months we’ve seen a number of cases where courts have excused police for shooting citizens even after the police made mistakes — and the citizens were doing nothing wrong — simply because these citizens were exercising their Second Amendment rights. This is unacceptable, and it represents the most extreme possible deprivation of civil rights and civil liberties.

I had a long conversation with The Doctor last night about gun rights and gun ownership, and I hope to address them more fully soon. But for now, I’ll just leave the Tirado/French convergence here, and note, for posterity, the surrealness of it all.

Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol is famously one of the best and weirdest comics to come out of Vertigo’s 90s revolution. Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance and The Umbrella Academy, has gotten a crack at revisiting it as part of his “Young Animal” imprint at DC, and it’s pretty good! It’s not Flex Mentallo, good, obviously, but, you know. Nothing is.

Flex Mentallo 4of4 - 18

The new Doom Patrol is weird, and goofy, and surprisingly sincere–lost loves are reunited and the power of stories triumphs over evil in the end. There’s an effortlessness to the crazyness that’s vital for this kind of project, I think. You can’t try to hard to be bizarre, of else it just seems too forced. On a first read, I feel like Way does a pretty good job.

The Next Week

The next week will bring a continuation of the Voting Rights Project, which started here. Beyond that, I’ve got nothing in the pipe.

Fortunately, I expect there will be some news.

[1] Editors Note: The Editorial Board of the Georgia Wonk would like to note that we do not, in fact, love our little jests here at the Georgia Wonk.

[2] Our attorneys have informed us that we do not, in fact, have any evidence to support this claim, and we remind readers that Mr. Hardy is an Independent Contributor to the Georgia Wonk, and that his views do not necessarily ever reflect the views of the Georgia Wonk Editorial Board.

[3] Ditto.

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