From a fortified bunker in an undisclosed location, a shadowy Editorial Board directs their great and terrible eye towards politics and policy, especially in Georgia. Doing their bidding is Ross Hardy, a furtive, all-too-twitchy small business owner with a bushy mustache. Armed only with high-quality cream liqueur and a Twitter feed, Hardy delves into the finer details of taxes, healthcare, and political philosophy.


The Georgia Wonk was created in the great American tradition of a free press, and we stand opposed to any attempts by individuals or institutions to place restrictions on that (or any) liberty. We believe that the health of a nation depends on the awareness and involvement of its citizens, and so we stand committed to doing our small part to spread awareness of local, state, and national issues. It is our sincere wish that we may praise the worthy and hold the wicked accountable.

Wow, that got serious pretty quick. Let’s put it this way: we’re a Georgia-focused news aggregation and commentary site. Frequently, the Georgia Wonk looks beyond the borders of the Peach State and into areas of policy in general.