Georgia Votes, Part I

Below is Part I of my voting rights proposal for Georgia, Georgia Votes. In this section, I discuss the history of voting rights as well as attempts, both historical and contemporary, at vote suppression. Introduction The right to vote is the… Read More ›

On Being A Pro-Gun Progressive [Update]

A well regulated Militia, being vital to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Those 27 words have probably ruined more friendships and ended more political careers than any sex scandal or religious debate. Gun rights are huge. It’s an enormous part […]


See Part One here and Part Two here.  Let’s talk about negative and positive rights. Hang out in any kind of political discussion of a certain type and you’ll eventually hear about negative rights and positive rights. Put simply, a negative right is a right… Read More ›

Violence, Revisited

One of the most absolutely fascinating (and admittedly Anglo-centric) developments to appear out of the human catastrophe of the Syrian Civil War is the handful of Westerners running away to join the Kurdish militias. They’re former humanitarian workers who join all-female… Read More ›