For Immediate Release: The Georgia Wonk Editorial Board Issues The Following Statement On Their Positions

We, at the Georgia Wonk, stand committed to civil liberties; to social justice; and to free & fair markets. The following principles serve as guideposts in our editorial direction:

#1: We believe that unassailable civil liberties are not a product of, but rather a fundamental requirement for, a vibrant & flourishing society.

We believe that every man has, in the words of the Constitution, “certain inalienable rights,” and that these rights are not granted by the State, but are rather innate & fundamental. These rights include, but are not limited to, free speech & expression, free exercise of religion,  equal protection under the law, expectations of privacy, the ability to participate in elections and the ability to participate in markets. We do not believe that the State has the power to rescind those rights for any individual.

As part of this principle, we reject mass surveillance by government agencieswe reject mass incarceration, especially for nonviolent drug offenses; we reject attempts to limit access to voting or public legal counsel; we reject 

#1a: The word “man” shall be used as a gender-neutral pronoun.

This is just for one of our Editors, who really doesn’t like to write “he or she” or “men and women.” It’s not a sexism thing, he’s just lazy.

#2: We believe that the law must rest on a bedrock of justice, and that justice must be defended.

The Editorial Board recognizes that the civil liberties of Principle One are often denied to certain people based on their gender, age, ethnicity, financial status, educational attainment, sexual preference, religion, or political beliefs. We recognize that when make laws that apply to some but not to all, such laws are unjust, and that injustice must be fought at all costs.

Injustice arises, in part, when those in power are allowed to craft policies that benefit them while punishing those who did not have a hand in the policy’s crafting. Such injustice has resulted in the attacks on civil liberties mentioned in Principle One, where some groups have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs, for example. Trends like rising income inequality are both a product & producer of social injustice.

The Editors of the Georgia Wonk stand for Social Justice, Economic Justice, and Environmental Justice, which all seek a fair distribution both resources & burdens so that no one is denied the basic rights to which they are entitled.

Social Justice

  • We embrace feminism, anti-racism, and any movement that fights against unjust attacks on marginalized groups.

Economic Justice

  • While the richest 1% control the majority of the world’s wealth, it is impossible for there to be true justice.
  • The rich shouldn’t be allowed to make the rules.

Environmental Justice

  • We seek a commitment to sustainable, responsible energy to preserve global health.
  • The people who had no role in killing this planet should not have to watch their children suffer and die because of those who did.

#3: We are pro-market, but we aren’t angry about it.

The Editors of the Georgia Wonk believe that free & voluntary participation in open markets is vital to realizing liberty; we also realize that a completely unregulated market is very rarely free. We welcome the State’s regulations and restrictions that serve to preserve the Liberties and Justices of the first two Principles, but we reject the State’s attempts to exert an undue level of control over the market.


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